Soybean, Corn, Wheat, Sorghum, Barley, Schrot, soybean, alfalfa pellets, extruded soya, extruded corn, Broken Corn.
We export grains, by-products and animal feed to major world markets.
We have the backing of international standards and protocols established by the China AQSIQ Agency for grain exports to a market of increased demand and requirement in quality.
We have a wide network of contacts that allow us to generate business and supply customers with the highest quality.
Tillage, integrated weed, insect and disease Rotations, strategic Nutrition Management.

Through the planning and execution of Good Agricultural Practices GAPs we set our goals to be met in each campaign, in order to achieve the desired results with efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in the use of resources and environmental care results.

The constant work of our team of professionals in the search for strategic alliances with suppliers of inputs, services and land allows us to achieve significant differentiation of our results in the sector.

In recent seasons we are cultivating land in the southern of Santa Fe province, focusing on the production of the main defendants products locally and globally: soybeans, corn, wheat, alfalfa, oats and sorghum.
Cattle raising
Breeding and Rearing

Based on a 100% natural food, we develop activity on land south of Cordoba, whose quality of pastures and professional management allows us to achieve high pregnancy rates and weaning thus achieving optimize the results according to the objectives.


To complete our production cycle and integrate, we feedlot facilities located in a strategic area of ​​high food production. This allows us to be efficient in cost and provide our customers quality meats.

We also provide hotel services to third parties taking advantage of our installations first class and business know-how.
Inversiones y Real Estate
Real Estate business of agriculture has grown in recent years as a result of the growing demand for commodities and meat, plus the production potential and recovery of the Argentine territory.

We have a team of highly qualified to identify lands with high potential for agricultural development – livestock. That over time and with a professional development plan will generate increases in the value of assets and increasing flow of funds.

The team of professionals and consultants works to assess, advise and associate investors intending to participate in projects related to agriculture and agribusiness